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Xemelgo Unveils Revolutionary Internal Package Delivery Solution

Xemelgo’s Package Delivery Solution adds traceability, visibility, and accountability to internal deliveries after packages are received from carriers.

Xemelgo is excited to announce the launch of our Internal Package Delivery Solution, a game-changer in the way businesses handle internal package logistics. This easy-to-use cloud-based system brings a new level of traceability and efficiency to package handling within large facilities and campuses. It's designed to seamlessly integrate into the workflow of receiving departments that are responsible for efficiently managing the flow of numerous packages to various departments and individuals within the facility.

The challenge of locating packages after they have been received from carriers is a familiar hassle for those whose packages arrive at large facilities. Traditionally, tracking of packages delivered by carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon, DHL, and others stops at the dock door as packages are signed for by the receiving department. Whether it’s a critical spare part, time sensitive document, or an Amazon order, people expect the same level of visibility and rapid delivery at work that has become standard for residential deliveries. Today, the end recipients in large facilities and multi-building campuses must either wait with no visibility into where their packages are or spend time chasing down their packages. Additionally, there's a lack of accountability in the delivery process; without robust confirmation methods, packages sometimes fail to reach their intended recipients.

Xemelgo Internal Package Delivery

Xemelgo’s Internal Package Delivery Solution addresses these challenges with its cloud-based system. Upon arrival from the carrier, packages are scanned into Xemelgo with a barcode scanner or mobile device, adding real-time traceability after receipt from the carrier. The entire team can log in to the system, be notified of deliveries and exceptions, and measure and improve performance. The system provides end-to-end visibility, ensuring that each package is tracked until it is delivered to the correct location. Internal deliveries are confirmed with photos, signatures, or both, adding accountability that packages were delivered to their intended recipient.

“Our package delivery solution was born out of an urgent need at a facility that receives and delivers hundreds of packages each day” says Garrett Gross, Product Manager for Xemelgo. “Xemelgo was selected by a leading US auto manufacturer over a legacy software solution from a major package carrier due to its user-friendly, modern interface. The real-time visibility and added accountability delivered immediate value and tangible benefits across their campus”.

Getting started with Xemelgo’s Internal Package Delivery Solution is fast and hassle-free. The cloud-based system is compatible with Android and iOS devices and accessible through web browsers, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow and access for your entire team. Suitable for any industry, the solution efficiently manages package delivery for facilities of all sizes, promising immediate value and high ROI. Plus, it accommodates unlimited users and packages, ensuring flexibility and scalability for any business.


To experience the benefits of Xemelgo’s Internal Package Delivery solution and bring new efficiency to your logistics, schedule a consultation with one of our solutions experts. Our team is ready to assist you in transforming your internal package management system.

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